Sliding windows

Sliding windows comprises of two or more than two horizontal sashes that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth sideward track movement. Easy to operate, these windows offer panoramic views and a great amount of ventilation.

The contemporary sliding window design has always been a popular choice for house and office windows. These windows add finesse to any room and can elevate the style quotient of any space without compromising on the fenestration requirements. The sliding window offers swift movement and is easy to operate.


Unlike the other counterparts, UPVC windows can be tailor made, trimmed, shaped, colored, textured as per our needs and specifications. The installation companies and manufacturers now customize the UPVC windows as per our requirement and specification making it blend perfectly well with our homes and property.


  • The horizontal sash movement ensures better ventilation
  •  Availability of multi-track and sash options to cover larger areas
  •  2 Chamber Sash / 4 Chamber Outer Frame – more chambers, more resistance to thermal conductivity
  •  Easy locking system
  •  Come in a variety of designs, colours and hardware options
  •  Best utilization of space since the sashes open left to right or vice versa
  • Air-tight, helps to keep- noise, dust, heat and pollution outside
  • Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high wind loads
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